About Us

           Martseniuk Sergii

Mr. Sergii Martseniuk obtained the Bachelor Degree of Fine Art, however his adventure with art started when he was 8 years old. Collecting coins and old books evolved into icons and paintings, which the latter remain his favorite. Successfully combining his passion with his work led to the founding of the “Kontrabas” auction house in Kiev and the CEO of “Masai Art Consulting” in Chengdu. Mr. Martseniuk is an expert in European and Russian fine and applied art, as well as a Faberge authority. With vast knowledge and deep understanding of art his expertise is invaluable for collectors.

In his spare time, since 2007 he joins archaeological expeditions at Berezan Island, place of the first Greek settlement in Northern part of the Black Sea.


Uhimets Gleb

Mr. Gleb Uhimets holds a PhD in Fine Art with a specialty in Renaissance and Old Masters. As the head of the Fine Art department of the State National Library of Ukraine, Mr. Uhimets’ understanding and expertise is impeccable.


Shpetnaya Alexsandra

Ms. Alexsandra Shpetnaya years of experience as a Graphic art expert has earned her the position as of the head of the Kiev Center of Restoration and Expertise for museum pieces. In addition, she holds the position of the Kiev Scientific Secretary of the State Museum of Russian art.

 marta_kulaMarta Kula-Ulatowska is an artist who expresses herself in painting and garden design. As a result of these two passions she rendered pictures painted in pastel and acryl, inspired by the nature and space of the designed garden, and other colorful, rich in texture gardens. An artist by birth and education, she lives in Kraków. She graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Kraków, the diploma in the painting atelier of professor Janina Kraupe-Swiderska. Marta Kula is a member of ZPAP, the Association of Polish Pastellist and Association of Polish Garden Designers. Her works have been presented at many collective, charity and individual exhibitions in Europe and the USA.

Marta devotes her energy to share her passions, organizing art and design workshops, educating children about the beauty of urban gardens in cooperation with local governments, and relentlessly opening new exhibitions.